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Cheer Hockey Jerseys

Hi David!  Thank you for following up with us!

The team LOVED the jerseys!  We had quite a weekend. We had a blizzard push through Illinois from top to bottom when we were to travel on a charter bus to Bloomington. It was so bad the charter could not get out of its parking lot. By the grace of God, our school administration allowed parents to drive their daughters. It is usually a 3.5-4 hour drive. It took us 8.5 hours!  Interstates were closed because of accidents and drifting snow. But we made it and it was awesome!  We made Top 10 on Friday and competed for the state championship on Saturday. We had a perfect run on Saturday and finished in third place. We graced the state podium for medallions and a huge trophy that will be forever displayed at our school.

We will probably have six new team members next year, plus coaches want a jersey, too. So I will have to place an order in the fall.Here are a few photos. But I know there are some that are better. I will get them from our parent who took the photos and get some better shots to you. FYI—the photo with one cheerleader and three coaches…Amy is the one on the right and I’m standing next to her. Madison is our only senior cheerleader and Carly on the left is another coach.  I hope all is well with you. Enjoy the photos! Linda